Nancy Lee Chong
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I believe every quilter should know how to appliqué.
Anyone who thinks needleturn appliqué is difficult hasn't taken one of my appliqué classes!

My specialty is stress-free needleturn hand appliqué. I put students directly in touch with their needle, thread, and fabric. I show how incredibly easy appliqué is without the use of freezer paper, toothpicks, starch, cardboard, plastic, back-basting, ironing, or interfacing—all things that needlessly complicate what is otherwise a very simple process.

Learning to appliqué is a two-step process: 1) Decide to try it; 2) Take a class from me!

Appliqué is a useful skill for all quilters and needleworkers. Need to cover a spot on a quilt? Appliqué a patch over it. Need to fix an accidental cut in your fabric? Appliqué a patch over it. Need to add a design element to a quilt or garment? Appliqué a motif exactly where you want it to be! Applique is a useful technique to add to your quilting/sewing tool kit, whether your goal is to applique an heirloom quilt or just to have another trick up your sleeve.


I was born and raised in Seattle, WA. I lived in Hawaii for over eight years, during which time I learned to make Hawaiian quilts. My first quilt was a queen-size Hawaiian quilt (gasp!), and the truth is Hawaiian quilts are much easier to make than they look. There was nothing special about me, except that I wanted a Hawaiian quilt and I followed my teacher's instructions. I learned along the way that I love teaching appliqué.

Since 1982, I've been teaching beginning and expert appliquérs just how easy, fun and versatile needleturn appliqué can be. After taking a class from me, everyone agrees that appliqué is not only possible, but positively addicting!

Learn more about me on the About Nancy page, then spend time on the other pages to learn more about my workshops and presentations, view my calendar, see some of my quilts, and more. Welcome!

Nancy Lee Chong

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A Real Student Comment

"Nancy is a fantastic teacher-in a class of her own. I would never have been able to make the Hawaiian block without her. She goes into every single detail, showing her tried and tested methods, and she is so relaxed and steady that there is no problem with feeling overwhelmed."